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Pre-primary Program:

We have adopted the inquiry and self-research-based Pre-primary program of international quality for the first few and most critical learning years of your child.
Your child no longer needs to mug up lessons.  He/she will know exactly how to apply the knowledge that’s gathered each day.

Young Buddies: Age group 2.5 years to 3.5 years

We provide experienced and trained staff to help toddlers develop key learning skills. Sensory-based learning, healthy eating habits, play-based thinking skills, and sports activities are based on this program. This program boasts about training children to be independent in terms of speech therapy, potty training, self-learning skills, social skills, and self-management. Montessori methods are adopted in teaching.

Butterflies Program: Age group 3.5 years to 4.5 years

  • At this age, children are more willing to learn, share and explore. Our staff is trained to teach children different languages, and writing skills and engage them in memory-building activities. Through singing, sports, dancing, and story studios children are encouraged to build their extra-curricular activities. Montessori methods are adopted in teaching.

Honey Bees Program: Age group 4.5 years to 5.5 years

  • Just like the hardworking honeybee, the children are taught to work towards building their overall skills. Hands-on learning experience, field trips, writing abilities, reading capabilities and Math and Science concepts will be taught. This program aims at preparing the students for primary school learning challenges. Montessori methods are adopted in teaching.

Primary School Programme: Classes I to IV

Our methodology
One size doesn’t fit all, it is important to accommodate all individual learners, providing them with opportunities to grow at their own pace and optimize their inherent potential.
Research shows that the brain actually lights up after a short episode of movement, and neural pathways become more speedy and efficient. Our learning centers allow movement and in-depth understanding of concepts through all modalities of learning. The safe, secure, and stimulus–rich environment is responsive to the child’s learning needs.

Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu
Subjects: Math, EVS, and Social studies

Middle School Programme: Classes V to VI

Well-planned episodes of short movement, with different activities, activate the neural pathways and students become more speedy and efficient. Learning is structured to give space for free movement, exchange of ideas and information, and discussion. This inculcates an in-depth understanding of each subject or lesson they learn.
The safe, secure, and rich environment acts as a stimulus for student’s learning needs.

Class 5 to 6: English, Telugu, Hindi, French, Math, Science, Social Studies & ICT