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Message from the Principal

We are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, where all are valued. We believe that a happy child is a successful one, and we intend all children should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential, and become lifelong learners.

We ensure to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical, and moral development in an academic-rich environment.

We strive to consciously create an environment of respect and inclusion and to support ethnic, racial, religious, and socio-economic diversity among all the students of the school.
We prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and a respect for the Core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion!

” Students with us will have success today and be prepared for tomorrow”

Ms. Saritha Kishore
M. A, M. Phil, B. Ed, M. A (Psychology), Ph.D (Pursuing)

Dear Parents,

This is Nandini, Vice Principal, JRS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

As the Vice Principal of JRS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, I am reaching out to you with an important message regarding the overall development of our promising students. It is crucial for us to work together as a community to ensure that our students are not only excelling academically but also growing in all aspects of their lives.

We believe that a well-rounded education encompasses not only strong academic performance but also social, emotional, and physical growth. Our goal is to nurture these aspects of your child’s development so that they can become successful and fulfilled individuals in the future.

To achieve this goal, we need your support and cooperation. Your involvement in your child’s education plays a significant role in their overall development. Encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities, engaging in meaningful conversations with them, and fostering a positive and supportive environment at home are all ways in which you can contribute to your child’s growth.

Together, we can create a supportive and nurturing environment that will enable our promising students to reach their full potential. I urge you to be actively involved in your child’s education and to communicate with us if you have any concerns or suggestions to support their overall development.

Thank you for your partnership in this important endeavor. Let’s work together to help our students become well-rounded individuals who are prepared to succeed in all aspects of their lives.


Vice Principal